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oAk garden rooms

With an addition of an oak framed garden room added to your property, you can enjoy the outside in the warmth of your home.

Oak framed conservatory Cowesfield Wiltshire Oak FramingAn oak garden room is a great way of flooding your home with the maximum amount of light all year round, especially in the dark winter months. Our green oak garden rooms are made in the same traditional manner used by our ancestors for hundreds of years, using hand cut mortise and tenon joints.

Our oak garden rooms are glazed using a method called, direct glazing or face glazing, direct glazing is performed by applying the double glazed units to the face of the oak framed building, overlapping the oak within a rebate made using softwood battens and affixed to a seal of a EPDM gasket and finally clamped to the oak frame with joinery quality kiln dried oak glazing boards, backed by an additional EPDM gasket.

When commissioning us to craft your new green oak garden room, we will design it to specifically suit your needs and requirements, with our knowledge and expertise it will be crafted to complement your property to its maximum potential.

oAk garages

We know that an oak garage can sometimes require fabrication and design based on your specific vehicle requirements because of either its height, width or length, therefore we can design you green oak framed garage to your specific requirements or we can make it to the standard garage specifications.

Oak framed garage by Wiltshire Oak FramingYou may require your oak framed garage to have a 1st floor room above for either accommodation, storage or even an office away from the house, we can easily provide competitive prices and designs for either choices. If you do choose to have a 1st floor then you will require an external oak staircase to gain access, an exterior oak staircase is the ideal choice because space inside the garage is limited and it can’t afford to lose any space taken up by an internal set of stairs.

Your oak garage can be finished in a number of external coverings, generally oak garages are cladded in feather edge oak or softwood, but if you have another preference we can accommodate your ideas and give you our very best advice on pros and cons that could be associated with the different aspects.

Your oak framed garage may also need to be secure, therefore we can make your oak garage to have the traditional look of double garage doors or even to accommodate roller shutters for that extra peace of mind and added security.

oAk porches

An oak framed porch is the perfect accompaniment to the front of your house, it will be the first thing your visitors will notice and will make your property stand out against all others.

A traditionally made green oak porch will also be a place to shelter your front door from the typical English elements that we endure throughout the year, and giving you that little coverage when hunting for your front door key on those damp days.

Our oak framed porches are made in the same traditional manner all our oak frames are made, with hand made mortise and tenons and pegged with kiln dried oak pegs which will pull your oak frame joints tightly together to make a sturdy structure to last many decades to come.

green oAk garden buildings

Oak Framed Garden Room in Chandlers Ford by Wiltshire Oak FramingIn the sunny summer months your garden is the best place to enjoy your spare time, so an oak garden building is the best option on add an inviting environment to your outside space. Whether you require and oak framed pergola for entertaining guests or an oak framed office building for finding that peaceful place to work, we can design and construct your oak garden building to suit your specific requirements.

Maybe you just need something as small as a log store, we can craft it with the same attention to detail as if it was an oak framed house. Just give us a call to book a meeting to talk about your project and we can arrange to come to you at your convenience.

direct glazing

Direct glazing or face glazing as it is also known is the most common and effective method of having glazing in an oak framed structure.

Direct glazed windows Sherfield English Wiltshire Oak FramingGreen oak buildings have a tendency to shrink and move a certain amount due to its moisture content, when naturally drying it shrinks and can make the oak timbers contort and twist. If you were inserting individual frames within the oak frame, gaps would appear thus making the building leak, the only way to combat this problem is to affix the double glazed units to the outside face of the oak building within a battened frame made of pressure treated pine and backed by a perimeter seal of EPDM gasket, the glass is then clamped to the oak frame by kiln dried oak glazing boards which are backed by another gasket to repel the rain from getting behind the oak glazing boards, this means the glass can move independently of the building and slide past one another to allow for movement within the oak structure.

On some occasions an opening window will need to be inserted into the green oak frame, on this occasion a bespoke joinery grade oak window will be manufactured to take the place of the glass and will be rebated around the face of the oak frame and clamped in the same manner as the glass with the direct oak glazing boards, to allow for the oak movement.

oAk trusses

At Wiltshire Oak Framing we are frequently asked to build oak trusses. Green oak trusses will give your brick house or extension that wow factor of and oak framed house without the expense of a full oak frame.

Our oak trusses can be made as a kit for you, or your builder, to fit or you can relax and let us fit your oak trusses and leave you with a roof that will give your rooms a grand open plan feel.

We can fabricate any style of oak trust suit any possible scenario, from sling braced trusses, arched braced trusses, cruck frames to simple king post or queen post trusses. We can talk you through all possible options and leave you knowing you have made the best possible choice as there isn’t a worse feeling after having something done with the regret of not having it a way you later see and prefer.

oAk furniture

What better way to furnish your garden than with an oak bench or an oak table to entertain in the summer sun, all our oak garden furniture is fabricated in the same old fashioned way, with hand cut mortise and tenoned joints and pegged with kiln dried oak pegs, this means they can be taken apart and re assembled if necessary, due to its heavy construction.

general cArpentry

As fully qualified time-served carpenters we also have many years experience of everyday carpentry, we can fit out your new oak framed building with stairs, new stud walls, plaster boarding, doors, all types of timber flooring, decking, softwood cut roofs and truss roofs.

Just ask us for a competitive quote.

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