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about wiltshire oAk framing

The team here at Wiltshire Oak Framing are all time served carpenters with many years of green oak framing experience. Wiltshire Oak Framing produce high-end oak frames without compromising quality.

Before we started Wiltshire Oak Framing, we worked many years with and alongside other well established framing companies across Wiltshire and Hampshire. We developed our knowledge and understanding of the best techniques green oak framing requires, and work the oak to its absolute potential with aesthetics uncompromised.

Each joint we produce is made in the most traditional manner, mainly using mortise and tenons, which are all cut by hand and fitted to be as perfect as possible. The mortise and tenon joint is draw bored, this practice is achieved by off setting the peg hole on the tenon to the hole on the mortise. This pulls the mortise and tenon joint together creating a very tight shoulder on the joint which will stay as tight, even when the timber shrinks when losing moisture content.

All of our oak is European oak, which is grown specifically for building purposes which makes it a renewable resource. It is also as straight as possible as it is managed, thus ensuring its knots are kept to a minimum size, this makes the timber as strong as it could be.

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our process

The process will initiate with a meeting to converse about your green oak project which we will advise you on the different kinds of designs and possibilities which can be obtained, with drawing maximum potential from the building whilst keeping its looks uncompromised. We will then organise drawings to be drawn to bring the project to visual understanding, which can then be used towards the planning stage.

We will then produce a price and a break down of all the inclusions within the price. Once the price is agreed a deposit is made to secure your slot within our schedule and the timber is ordered. Once the oak is delivered the crafting will commence and a date for erecting will be agreed between parties.

We will then deliver the oak frame in kit form and assemble it like a giant jigsaw puzzle using kiln-dried oak pegs to secure the mortise and tenons tightly together.